Pregnancy Weight Management: How I Kept My Weight Under Control

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Is this your first pregnancy or is this your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th? Every pregnancy as it is, varies in so many ways, so it’s no surprise that with each one, your concerns are different. With my first, for example, I was so excited over it, that all I thought about was buying cute girl stuff and preparing the nursery! I did not watch one bit what I ate or much weight I was gaining. Upon expecting my little boy, I can’t even get into how thrilled I was about that but you can imagine how ready I was to shop all over again for my first boy!๐Ÿ˜

Let’s talk numbers!๐Ÿ‘‡

Prior to my first pregnancy, my weight was 140lbs. I weighed close enough to 180lbs by the end. I never made it back to my pre-pregnancy weight by the time I got pregnant with my 2nd (7 months later) and let me tell you that was NOT a good idea (back pain ain’t no joke)! Can you believe that by my 3rd trimester I weight almost 200 lbs! I am only 5ft ok. I about just rolled around at how fat I got!! Well once I returned to normal, my new overall weight was now 160lbs. Exactly one year after having him, I took a 2 week trip to Mexico. When I came back, I realized I had lost 10lbs. The thrill of this effortless weightloss pushed me to lose 10 more. And I did! 3 years into mom life and for the first time ever, I weight my pre-pregnancy weight!

Can you imagine the sense of relief upon getting pregnant with my 3rd? (In regards to my weight at least!)๐Ÿ˜„ I now had a chance to do this right. Not to mention the health advantages to carrying at that weight vs burdening my back again with my body weight on top of that! I swore and vowed to take care of myself this time. For the most part, I just wanted to feel great and awesome! The following tips are the approach I took to make it happen!

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But first, let’s break it down: (Average Pregnancy Weight Distribution)

Placenta: 1.5lbs

Maternal stores: 7lbs

Breast tissue: 2lbs

Amniotic fluid: 2lbs

Increased fluid volume: 4lbs

Increased blood volume: 4lbs

Uterus: 2lbs

Baby: 7.5lbs

TOTAL= 30lbs

Continue reading to find out what I did so that I did gain no more than 30 pounds!

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Ate only whole weat/multiple grain bread

Cut out soda and sugary drinks

Prenatal excersize

Cut out chips, chocolate, junk and candy

Made green smoothies as my breakfast

Drank 10 to 12 cups of water a day

My lunch consisted or soups or salads

Ate modest portions of food

I cut out “seconds” when it came to lunch and dinner

Ate high fiber foods

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Stocked up on healthy snacks such as dried fruits and granola bars

Used honey vs sugar

Avoided processed foods

Whole grain and rice pastas

Less food frying and more oven cooked

Had nothing to eat past 7pm

Portioned my guilty pleasures (aka not eating straight out of the snack box/bag or eating straight out of the frozen yogurt container)


Ultimately, I made it everyone’s business! (If I swore to all my friends and family I would not gain a certain amount of weight, I was gonna keep my word and not be laughed at later on!)

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I want to emphasize the importance in realizing that every body is different and the imput that matters most here is the discussion that is carried out between and your doctor. In no way should you feel bad about yourself or guilty if the outcome of your particular pregnancy weight gain exceeds the limit you had anticipated. I know this will sound easy for me to say, but I know what i’m saying when I remind you it ain’t the endnof the worldโ˜บ This is just a stage you will go through for now. You will eventually be able to get backnon track of things.

Don’t feel you must strictly deprive yourself. The idea is that your food portions aren’t “for 2”, and that you’re drinking enough water. Ultimately follow your Doctor’s proffessional advice and above all embrace and enjoy this short stage!๐Ÿ’•

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