30 Realistic, No Prep Ways to Engage in Quality Time With Your Toddler

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Like all β€œgood Moms”, when I was a first time Mama, I was nonstop concerned over ways to bond with my child. Sure, I was able bond through baby activities with her as an infant. But the time came when she got a little β€œtoo old for certain stuff”. This means she was on the go! She became highly active and very sociable like all healthy babies do. Now her needs were different.

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In the need to continue fulfilling our bond as well as her development, I approached my friend Google on ways to engage with my toddler. I don’t know why but she always assumes I’m asking for her to give me ideas to make my toddler do activities that will keep herself entertained! So I asked her in simpler terms for β€œThings to do with my toddler”. With google, with! Some of us actually still care about that.

And she still says the SAME thang!:

It’s been a couple years and I have since met my now bestie, Pinterest! She is wise beyond her years and just knows too much, it can become overwhelming or difficult to carry out the ideas she throws at you all at once. So as a Mom 2 toddlers now, who has experienced time after time these past couple of years, I have compiled for you my top realistically, implementable fun ways you can invest time with your own babies! And not only that. The activities have been categorized for your convenience!

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toddler play ideas


1-Walk Outdoors

Always take advantage of nice weather at least for one hour per day. Walk around and dialogue with your child about the things you see, hear and smell!

2-Play Ball

Is this like, not every toddlers ultimate favorite type of play?

3-Snack or Picnic

I don’t think there is something else as delightfully pleasurable than bonding though a beautiful and peaceful moment like sharing snack with your child in the nice outdoors!

4-Sidewalk Chalk


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6-Fly a Kite

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7-Dance Party

These disco lights from amazon are my go-to for a super fun experience for your toddler! My daughter and I have dancing sessions with these lights in our own living room and it’s her favorite thing to do with me! We both have a blast!


What if you can enhance the music party with your child’s very own karaoke? You can join in because remember, to your baby you are a star!

9-Make Noise

There is nothing like the good ol’ pots n’ pans for making fast/slow and quiet/loud beats for some wild fun!


Whether in the car, on the go, or on your couch, sing! My daughter always happens to do this in the car and I join in. Oh, and in the grocery store. She’ll ask me to sing Little Drummer Boy! Sure, why not.


11-Children’s Library

Check out your local library’s functions and events to participate in with your toddler. Even if it is a story time or a puppet show! She’ll make new friends in the process. And so might you!

12-Have fun at their favorite place

Whether it’s the park, the library, the ice-cream parlor or the baby gym, make it a plan to go at least one day a week!


13-Puppet or stuffed animal dialogue

14-Tickle Fight

Toddlers always love a tickle fight! Especially at bed time! πŸ˜‰


My daughter loves to watch me do my hair and will imitate what Ii do. And whenever she get’s at chance of my head being within her reach, she will have fun playing with and I will let her “style me hair”. This is a beautiful and peaceful bonding moment for the 2 of us!

toddler play ideas

16-Blanket/Floor Mat Play

My house does not have carpet and everytime without fail, when I spread a blanket or the soft mat on the floor, the babies run to be with me as if I had opened a bag of chips! This is the perfect approach to some quality free play or cuddle time!

17-Take Silly Snap Chat Selfies

18-Piggy Back Ride

If you are capable get on your knees and let your child climb you so you can parade her around your house.

19-Chase and Tag

I don’t know about your space but the space in my house makes it thrilling to run around in! If you’re not to picky, this can be an activity your toddler will want to do over and over! (believe me)

20-Hide and Seek

For me, this one goes hand in hand with the one above. My favorite part of running with my toddler in the house is when I suddenly hide from her and then jump at her and chase her upon finding me. It’s so fun!

21-Open-Ended Floor Play

A lot of the activities in this post include types of play that you and your toddler can engage with open-endedly on the floor, such as blocks, cars, stuffed animals or stacking cups. Chech the post out!

22-Pretend play

It can as simple as ‘answering the phone’ when handed a paper card, or a ‘play house’ kinda game

23-Climb Mommy

Pick the couch, the floor or your bed and just lay down. Let your child come to you and climb back and forth over youπŸ˜„ Then you hug him and rock him from one side of you, to the other side and in a playfull wrestle style play.



25-Draw and Color

26-Watch your favorite childhood movie together

This one is my favorite!πŸ‘†πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ

27-Window Watch

Sit at the window and discuss what you see outside!

28-Play with Stamps

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30-Sit, Embrace and Chat

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Final Thoughts

The very last method I just mentioned, is to me, one of the most ideal ways you can gift your child with high quality moments. There will always be something or someone else that your child can be entertained with, cared for, or taught from. But there is no one nor anything that could ever replace what only you as the Mama can give while you still can. There will be moments for those breaks, though. There is a time for everything and it is ok to retrieve whenever you need fill your cup again! But ultimately, always keep in mind that nothing could ever replace these days. Like I always say to myself every time I’m tempted not to play when I know I can: β€œThese days are never coming back again”.

So, what are you going to do with your little one today?


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toddler play ideas

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