Questions To Ask Your Husband: Serious & Fun Facts You May Not Know!

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Once upon a childless time in my life, my husband and I were chilling on the couch by the soft lighting of my living room lamp. As we enjoyed a glass of red wine together, I pull out like 5+ pages of things I still wanted to know about him🤣 I was leaning on him. I smiled and I looked up to him to see his face. The time came to pick up where we had left off when we were just 2 lovebirds considering marriage! He laughed at what was coming but I just thought the intimacy of the moment was the perfect time to catch up. After all, we had all the time in the world!

They say you never really get to fully and completely know your partner, ever. There will always be something new to learn about our spouse and most of the time these things usually just happen to come up, with time and experiences.

When I was going to marry Nabor, I wanted to know a lot of things. This was clearly not because it would affect the outcome of our engagement, but because it was fun and exciting and would, to an extent, prepare me before hand for certain things married life would throw my way.

So what I did was create this massive questionnaire covering fun, interesting and thought provoking topics.

My goodness did they turn out to be such awesome conversations starters that we never even finished going through the whole thing before we got married!😄

85 Questions to ask your husband
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Is there anything you can think of right-off-the-bat that you still don’t know about your Man and that you’re curious to find out?

The following examples might even help reveal things you might not even know that you wish you knew!

So if you want to have something to talk about like forever, read to the end!

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15 questions to ask your husband

Have you been told what the day of your birth was like?

How was your name picked out and why?

Who was your best buddy as a kid and what things did you 2 do together?

What makes you feel proud?

What is the biggest mistake that you ever fear making?

How does our marriage look to you 30 years from now?

What do you think could be ultimate reason more than half marriages end in divorce?

Are you aware of the worst experience I’ve ever had in my life?

What is the worst feeling you could ever experience?

Is there anything about me you wished would change that you haven’t told me of before?

What is the biggest challenge you have ever overcome?

What is the priciest thing you’ve ever bought?

What is the most annoying question you repeatedly get?

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever been told in your life?

What do you like about yourself?

Questions to ask your husband

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85 Questions to ask your husband
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Final Thoughts

Nabor and I have now been married 5 years and I kid you not, these years have given me enough time to realize that MANY of the topics we have shared based on these questions, were things I still, to this day, would not know about him. Nor would it have ever occurred to me to simply ask some of these questions right-off-the-bat!

It has literally taken effort on our part to actually ask and go over these types of discussions on our own to learn so, so much from each other. In fact, it’s so fun I wouldn’t call it and “effort” but, you get the idea!

I can not express myself enough on how fulfilling and awesome it is to have this kind of fun and heart to heart moment when the 2 of you can learn from one another. You ask him and then you get to share your own answers! Also, I promise you that these questions, and especially your answers to them will inspire further curiosity, sharing and thought!

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15 questions to ask your husband

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