7 Awsome Reasons To Raise Babies Close in Age! (Raising 2 Under 2)

Raising 2 under 2

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Have you ever attempted googling what raising 2 under 2 is like?

Do you anticipate knowing the factors that eventually come with raising children so close in age?

If so, chances are, you have have found these topics to be aimed at surviving the littles. They talk about overcoming the overwhelming challenges it takes to care for demanding babies so close in age. They tell you you’re going to be changing diapers like if you got paid to do it (which, you will by the way, but hey, they end up in the same size, it’s a win!).

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Today, I want to focus not on the agony of it, but on the bright side. As a Mom of 2 under 2 myself, I personally believe the pros far outweigh the cons. Allow me to elaborate below, all the rewards I keep in mind that makes this journey survivable, so that you as well can remember this and feel better next time you tell yourself ‘I don’t think i’m gonna be able to do this’! Because you can. You will. And everything is going to be okay.

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What's raising 2 under 2 like? Not always chaotic! Don't miss the bright side of it and check out these 7 Awesome Reasons to Raise 2 under 2!

1-They will ride or die

I find it precious to imagine my kiddos living like a team, side by side always and in everything. No dealing with a significant age gap causing frequent fights due to their high differences. They will be like 2 peas in a pod; bffs forever, who will never be lonely!

2-You appreciate how good it will get

If these 2 are your firsts, you don’t get to feel the insanity as much because it is what you are used to. You will be highly grateful looking forward to how easier it will get as they become more independent around the same time.

3-Developmental benefits

The older one unravels a sense of empathy and demonstrates affection. On the other hand, having an older sibling will influence the baby’s learning, while engaging him through play, speech and expression.

4-Similar experiences

At the same time, they will share the same books, toys, clothes, interests, activities and even friends.

5-Less guilt

An only child demands more attention than 2 together. More things can get done since your babies can engage with each other while you work, vs. one child depending only on your interaction.

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6-You get to “have your life back” sooner

Selfish, I know. (not). Your “life” implicates many things. Your mentality, your body, and your emotions, to name a few. For more than 2 yrs, I have carried, nursed, carried and nursed again; nonstop. (I so miss wearing my favorite dresses)! If you have stepped out of school, your career, your favorite or pre-baby wardrobe, certain outings, etc. then assuming you are ready, you can go back to pursuing your aspirations among all that good stuff within a few years, without having missed those first, most important ones. All while being an excellent example of self-acknowledgement, and success to your greatest gifts of all; your children.

7-The bond

The ultimate satisfaction is experiencing the beauty of their connection and affection! Every morning my Daniela asks for ‘Toto’. Even on the most overwhelming days, I can contemplate Jose, (aka Toto), smiling at Daniela with every embrace. She often can’t help squeezing him and when she does, her eyes smile with such delight; it’s the cutest thing ever!

Final Thoughts

Even on the worst, most chaotic and insane days, the beauty of these advantages remain existent. Keep that in mind and you will survive and, in fact, fulfillingly enjoy this very short stage of your life.

Look at them, look at the mess, the mischief, etc. Remind yourself that one day they will be gone and when that day comes, you will be wondering whether all the scolding and upset reactions were all worth it. They emptied the Q-tip box? Knocked the smoothie all over you? Scattered your Tupperware? Take a deep breath, take out the camera, and save those memories, because remember: These moments are never coming back. They are never. Ever. Coming back. Again.

Now go, give them a big hug, fill them with kisses and read them a book or take out the blocks and play with them! Have fun!

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What's raising 2 under 2 like? Not always chaotic! Don't miss the bright side of it and check out these 7 Awesome Reasons to Raise 2 under 2!

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