12 Physical Ways To Nurture Romance AFTER Kids

12 Ways to Nurture Romance After Kids

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Once upon a time, one night past 8pm, a Betty Lou had put her children to bed. Her husband, Bob, wasn’t home yet, but she was ready to knock out herself after a long day. The exhausted Mama then, went straight her bed and comfortably, with all the space to herself, she fell fast asleep!

In literally no time, Bob arrived. He sneaked over to the cabinets and quietly pulled out some aspirin. The very thoughtful, considerate husband approached his Wife’s bedside and suddenly shoved the aspirin into her mouth!

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PFFT! Blahh! What the- What is this, what the heck are you doing??” asked the startled, yet annoyed Wife.

To which Bob replied, as a matter of a fact: Your aspirin dear, for you headache…?”,

What headache? I’m fine! I don’t need this, she reproached.

With a sneaky smile, he informs her: Ah, well good then. That’s just what I needed to hear!’

Get it? 😉😉

Does your body mysteriously start hurting somewhere just before bedtime? Does the Mr. ever make you feel like you just “don’t love him like you used to”? It’s such a freakin’ pain to get the guilty wife syndrome as if Mom guilt weren’t enough, isn’t it? It is so annoying to have to sometimes make things up just to avoid an elaborate 2 hour speech attempting to make your husband understand your degree of exhaustion!

What if I told you, there are ways to non-sexually nurture your intimacy that will in fact, unite you even more than…being sexual.

When you have kids and “things just aren’t the same anymore”, you will need ways to spice things up. So whether the kids are taking away your time, your privacy or your energy, try out these 12 physical touches that will enhance a consistent romantic lifestyle, even in the midst of parenting!

Romance After Kids: How to Nurture it Without Sex!

1-Stroll hand in hand

2-Mini massage at night

3-Pop in the bathroom to wash his back

4-Cuddle the first 30 min when he gets home

5-Caress his face and run your fingers through his hair

6-Drift off together while kids nap

7-Make out session. Just make out. Like the “good times“.

8-Use his lap as a pillow during family movie night

9-Let him rest on your chest and baby him

10-Sit on his lap in a public place with limited seating

11-Tickle fights!

12-Random kiss on his face while in public

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Final Thoughts

Do you want to know the ultimate benefit of conducing your relationship with this degree of intimacy after having started a family?

You are setting an example to your children. You are exposing what true love is supposed to look like. You teach them what to look for or establish in a future relationship. You are creating harmony in your family, because when children see affectionate parents that care for each other, it gives them a sense of security and happiness, and a happy marriage equals a happy home, and that, is what our children ultimately need.

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Whether straight up exhaustion gets in your way or lack of privacy, don't miss these 12 Ways to Nurture Romance After Kids!

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