To The SAHM Who Has No One To Call For Help Upon Losing Your Sanity

Recovering Sanity as a SAHM Who Has No Help

How many years ago did you become a Mom for the first time? Since then, how many “worst days of your life” have you had? I don’t know about you but I hear more than enough insta-perfect moms, (as I like to call them), that say how their children are their ultimate joy and blessing in life and their children have given them the best years of their lives, blah blah blah. Guess what? Mine too! But that doesn’t mean that it’s always rainbows and unicorns and I also won’t pretend that it is. Because it is not. It’s not. And sometimes you just don’t know what to do about it. Especially with little to no help.

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So let me guess why you’re here. You have cried on the bathroom floor, you have shattered things in your kitchen when you just couldn’t take it anymore. You have raised your voice more than you should have or ever wanted to. You have taken it out on your husband in hurtful, inadequate ways. You have gone minutes completely ignoring your kids and have been oh so tempted to simply throw some pillows in the tub and just stay there with a glass o’ wine and some headphones!

Sound familiar? If not, you just ain’t part of my bunch😉! If you are my person, though, LET’S TALK ABOUT IT. Grab some wine with me and read on!

In this post, I am going to elaborate on ways to deal with your loss of sanity. If you, like me, have literally no one to call for help while hubby is at work and you realize you are no longer in your right mind, the following advice from real moms who have been there, will inspire some ideas on ways you can regain your strength and recover your…whatchamacallit? Yeah that! Your SANITY!!

Whether your Mom is away from you or you just have no family or friends that can give you a hand, this post will show your alternatives to get yourself together after you have completely lost it with your kids!

1. What is your ultimate favorite Mom Support Facebook Group? Lock yourself In the bathroom (just make sure everything dangerous or messy is outta their reach), and go there. Just vent to them! Ignore everything else. I promise you they will have your back! My favorite is MARRIED SAHM and were in fact the group who helped with the advice in this post!

2. Share your experiences with your DH and determine whether this is something may be helped by Professional Intervention. Sometimes counseling may be necessary. So if therapy is an option, do that for yourself and your kiddos.

3. Jumping Jacks! A fellow mom does this and she said It helps relieve stress, provides an unexpected distraction to the kids, and gets you a little exercise. She does it often, she says, to reset when “I’m about to lose my crackers”.

4. Put ‘em in the car and DRIVE. Get a coffee, take the loooooooong way there and back. It’s always a refresh button when things go haywire!

5. Always have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine near by. Like a huge one! Just the size of it will make you feel better!😉


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6. Make sure there is nothing dangerous or messy they can get into. Put on something they love to watch and walk away. Go have a treat, go to your room or go outside a bit and scream your crazy out ‘till the neighbors look at you. Then take your deepest breath, lift your head and come back to sit with them. Put on their favorite movie and have snack with them while you cuddle.

7. Take them outta the house and go to a play group, a walk, library, swimming, park or wherever.

8. Cry it out (or scream it out) on your pillow for 2 minutes. Give your self a pep talk and come back. Here is mine: “I can do this. There is a reason I chose to be here. I KNOW how worth it this is. One day they’ll be gone and I will look back on what I did or didn’t do with the babies God gave me”. Then say a prayer of gratitude and ask for strength.

9. Vent to your husband when he comes home (just not before he even makes it through the door hun, ok?) and have him spend time with them while you Soak in the Tub. 

10. Music!It calms the savage beast”, as another fellow mom puts it. Get your hands on a pair of noise cancelling headphones and pop those on as soon as you reach your last nerve! You can watch ‘em but you don’t have to hear.

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You know what, I’ll add one more!

My ultimate favorite, (besides praying) is the part where you lock yourself in your room! Do this: Grab your phone and search the funniest pranks on YouTube or some comedy or whatever makes you laugh hard enough that you can barely even see the screen from so much laughing! Don’t get to caught up though lol, that’s just while you calm down so you can get back to the babies!😉

Ultimately, my fellow Mama, don’t forget that you simply can not pour from an empty vessel. That means it is imperative for you to take care of YOU. Taking care of yourself is NOT done at the expense of prioritizing your family, it is done FOR them. Tending to your own needs IS caring for your family. If you don’t give attention to yourself what will you have to offer? Try it. You will feel better, more refreshed and energized. As always, I whole heartedly hope you find these tips helpful and please let me know in the comments if I missed something! Let us know what has worked for you!

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