25 Immediate Self Care Ideas For Moms to Survive a Bad Day

Self Care Ideas for Moms

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Could it be a coincidence that I just started to write this post now that I’m having a less than ideal day??

I am literally 1 week away from my due date with my 3rd baby and I don’t remember ever being as snappy with my 2 toddlers as I have been today! It seems like every little thing is suddenly driving me up a wall!

What brings YOU to this post?

Maybe you’re pregnant and hormones are highly activated, maybe you are raising 2 under 2 with little to no help, maybe you have a husband that seems less than appreciative of you or willing to give more of his hand around the house. Whatever it is you are going through, you are here because you probably have days where it seems like every last disgrace decided to happen to you at the same time and you are reaching your whit’s end!

If you are having a bad day or don’t even know where to run or what do the moment you realize you’ve lost your sanity, here are 25 right-off-the-bat self care ideas to help you recover and survive it!

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Self care ideas for moms

1-Go for a walk, embrace the outdoors and take the sun in!

2-Burn a fresh scented candle for self-grounding.

3-Make a trip to the thrift store. It’s so fun just to go see what cute item you can find for yourself.

4-Do something fun out with the kids like a fast food picnic at the park.

5-Diffuse some essential oils. The sense of pleasure and relaxation it gives is so relieving!

6-Have something sweet to sip on (and don’t share it!)

7-Coloring book. Get a grown-up one for you and color along side the kiddos. It is highly therapeutic.

8-Put on your favorite childhood movie and watch with your own littles.

9-Turn on your favorite music. You can even have a dance party!

10-Make you a nice desert

Self Care Ideas for Moms
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11-Have a list of accomplishments to look at when you feel discouraged

12-Have a quiet activity for the kids to do. Here are 10 independant play ideas for when Mommy needs a break!

13-Binge watch entertaining YouTube videos

14-Send the kids to bed extra early, then do whatever your little heart pleases.

15-Clear your entire schedule for a day

17-Have a Mom only space in your home. No kids nor kids stuff allowed in site.

18-Always haven ice-cream available in your freezer!

19-Watch/Listen to motivational inspirational Women on YouTube or podcast

20-Make a rearrangement in your home that will make you happy and feel refreshed.

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21-Take a scenic drive (ideally when you know the kids will knock out in the car). I’ve literally put my babies in the car to drive around nice neighborhoods just to look at gorgeous houses!

22-Turn on something for the kids to watch and walk away.

23-Watch something you know will make you laugh to tears!

24-Stop and write 10 things you’re grateful for

25-Indulge in your favorite treatπŸ˜‰

26-Plan a getaway. Even a tiny trip out by yourself

27-Go window shopping at the mall. My kids love the escalators and I love amusing myself at the prices some people will pay for things!πŸ˜„

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, always be aware that there is no way you can run on empty. If you are noticing the signs that clearly mean you need a break, then girl, take the break! Acknowledging your necessities doesn’t mean you are sacrificing your own family’s needs. When you care for your self you are not doing it at their expense, you are doing it for their ultimate benefit.

If you don’t tend to yourself, what will you have to offer? My encouragement to you is to try out these tips, because I know that when you do, you will have a refreshed sense of energy and vitality therefore resulting in an overall better mood!

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Self care ideas for moms to survive a bad day

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