25 Spring Self Care Ideas For Moms + Some You Haven’t Heard Of!

spring self care ideas

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A funny thing happens to me every year. Every time spring comes around, I decide that it is my favorite time of year instead of autumn. But then the same thing happens to me again about the fall season by the time that comes around 😄

Maybe it’s a personal thing, but when it comes to these two seasons, I love everything about them such as childhood memories that surround the particular holidays celebrated during these seasons, as well as the blissful inclination I get to change things up a bit in my wardrobe as well as my home!

Are you looking for spring self care ideas?

Chances are if you landed on this post, you love the spring as it is. So if you are thrilled about finding ways to personally enhance the freshness and radiance of the most vibrant time of the year, then stay tuned and I will elaborate 25 Spring Self Care Ideas (and it involves more than what it sounds like, plus, a couple of these ideas you may have never even heard of before)!

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25 Spring Self Care Ideas For Moms

1-Start a new, motivating and refreshing morning routine that will make you actually want to start you day before the sun comes out!

2-Take a walk around a beautiful neighborhood with your kids just to see how pretty they have their porches, spring décor, gardens and yards this time of year!

3-Create an inviting outdoor space. Ideally, where you can take in all the sunshine you can!

4-To go hand in hand with my previous tip, get a new appealing book to start reading.

5-Add fragrance that will make your home smell like spring. There is a lot of inspiration for this on Pinterest!

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6-Bring in the outdoors and arrange real plants around your home.

7-Take in the outdoor environment by opening the blinds, curtains and windows to let in all that sunshine and fresh air.

8-By you a fresh flowers bouquet to display Note: They look prettiest in vintage-inspired, thrifted vases shaped as pitchers!

9-Go out thrifting for some spring apparel. Just because it’s more fun to see what cute things you find!

10-Play music that uplifts your mood and sets the tone in your home.

11-Delight in some new fresh-smelling, spring-inspired bath and body products or, better yet, have fun in the process and DIY them!

12-Have a glass pitcher of fruit infused water for you to drink from throughout the day.

13-If you’re the kind of person who is soothed by cleaning, get your de-cluttering and spring cleaning going. And if you’re NOT that kind of person and you need to get it done anyways, read this!

14-If you don’t have any, add some pops of color to the room your family spends the most time in (nice colored throw pillows for your sofas, for example).

15-Freshen up your favorite room in the house (or like in my case, the room that must always be fresh; like my bathroom. There is just something so blissful about having a fresh, clean bathroom!)

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16-Clean out your car and add a fresh scent to it.

17-Treat yourself to new seasonal drinks coming out at your favorite coffee shop (I can’t wait to try Peet’s Coffee’s new Honey Lavender Latte!)

18-Treat yourself to mani/pedi with a new spring color.

19-Take a trip to your local farmer’s market.

20-Take a drive to the country and have a picnic with your family.

21-Send the kids out with your spouse and enjoy a relaxing bath in some flower petals.

22-Light a spring scented candle.

23-Schedule a cookout with some friends.

24-Enjoy a dessert outside with your kids.

25-Supports someone’s small business and purchase homemade products such as soap, candles, lotions, etc.

Final Thoughts

As I conclude this post, waiting for the sunrise, I am currently sitting my couch located right where my large living room window is, and my curtains are wide open. With only my screen door closed, I am enjoying the sound of chirping birds as I sit here under my laptop next to my warm mug of jasmine tea (Mm, smells so nice, by the way).

This is just an example of what I consider one of my favorite ways to enjoy a moment of bliss pertinent to the approach of this particular season. It is authentic to my personality and lifestyle.

You have a personality of your own and the things you like. It may be impacted by your favorite time of the day or a favorite room in your home or a hobby you have. Find your authentic pleasures and stick to those as well. They may include ideas you found in this post or you can carry out something more unique.

Overall, my friend. It is you who says how you embrace this time of year and the idea is that whatever that may be, be it something that just fills you with life!!

Much love, until next time.

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