To My Sister on her 18th

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Dear Little Sister,

Yay! So you’re now legally allowed to buy cigarettes, lottery tickets and fireworks! You can also get tattoos and risk your life on a daily basis with no legal consequences! Say, you can even sue me for the photos I put on here!

Let’s just not and say we did! 😄

But all kidding aside, I know how stupid and corny you think this is gonna be, shoot, you might even get mad I put your pictures here, (I mean outdated pictures, lol). But I’m just gonna get straight to it.

I’ll start with…well, Happy 18th! Idk what 18 means to you, but if you’re anything like me then probably not much. At least that was my concept at some point. But still, I wanted to take this day to remind you how proud I am to have a sister like you; so smart, so REDICULOUSLY FUNNY, and most importantly, how mature you have gotten (Ok, I can see you laughing)! Also, as your big sister, I highly admire your courage and bravery. That is something you have had since day one and it still impresses me to no end! And I say as a big sister because of the things I have seen you dare to do, that I have never, nor ever will have the guts to do…I think.

I know I have probably told you this one like 30,000 times but it’s just so special to me. That one time when I was watching cartoons at my Mom’s when the phone rang. As soon as Dad told me Es una niña, I tightly drew my hands over my chest in excitement, and I couldn’t wait to be picked up to go see you!

You, out of all of us (except Lucia, obviously) have always been the one who expressed more eagerness upon welcoming a new family member than any of the rest of us! (I admit I often still think about all the nick names you made all of us and silly songs you made up for each of the babies) 😄 So you clearly have an idea what I felt upon walking into the house, not knowing where I was going to find you or how. How you would look, what you were wearing and whether you’d be awake so I good take a good first look! And there you were, sound asleep buried in you fuzzy green blanket with pink balloons…18 yrs ago. Wow! I don’t remember what I got for Christmas that year but I will never forget meeting you.

A lot has happened these last 18 years. Our 10 yr. age difference has made it highly interesting enough to have let us experience so many stages together. I mean, 10 yrs! You were able to go from diaper changes, to annoying little sister, to challenging teen, to sharing womanhood and a sense of friendship. All in what felt like too short of a time. Ten years…It was long enough to make you the pesky little sister, but short enough to make us friends. Now, I even made you an Auntie for the very first time, and watching the affection you have toward my babies is priceless!

We’ve had so many ups and downs, but I will always want to have been able to say that I tried my best, and I still do. In fact, I always will. I will not be here to judge you, I will be here for you. And I whole heartedly hope that, no matter what, you never forget how much you mean to me.

Happy Birthday. These are the wishes from your only big sister who will always wish the best upon you!



(We so need some updated selfies Laura)!

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