12 Defining Traits of an Empowered Woman (Who has Children)

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you come across the term “empowered woman” or “woman empowerment”?

What do you see in your mind or how does it make you feel?

Is it that tall woman in a sexy red dress, holding an expensive bag, wearing high heels and hot lipstick, that social media always portrays as such?

Or does just hearing the term spark a little fire in you?

Believe it or not, I first time I ever acknowledged such a thing as empowerment, was not when I graduated high school, nor when going to college or even the day I officially started my career. Not even when I became a Wife and aspired to be a Virtuous Woman for my Man! The first time I came across that term (considering and acknowledging it, actually), and developed a desire to embody it, was when I had already had my second baby; when I needed it the most.

You know how they say: ‘Tell me who you hang out with, and I’ll tell you who you are‘?

You ever heard that saying?

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What happened was that I had left my teaching job to be a Stay-at-Home Mom and eventually started investing in starting multiple businesses from home. In the process, I inevitably started engaging with self-driven, motivated women who in the midst of their passion in building themselves up, had an impressive magnitude of generosity when it came to uplifting their fellow aspiring sisters!

Of all the people I have ever engaged with, it was the strong women who were at home, raising their children, building their empire and creating genuine relationships with others, that made me feel a huge sense of inspiration and motivation to never stop growing as a person, so I can become the best I can be, create a better lifestyle for my family, and uplift others in the process.

What have I learned so far in terms of what makes and empowered woman, especially whike being a Mom?

I am sharing the following traits of an empowered woman with you in hopes to give you that urge and desire to acknowledge yourself, your life and what you want out of it so that you too, may feel that sense of power and control of your own womanhood and lifestyle!

How do you embrace your Womanhood in the midst of Momming?? Find out what defines an empowered woman! (when you have kids)

1-She questions everything

She is an educated woman who stays informed and up to date on what is occuring around her and the impact it has in her and her family’s life. She also doesn’t just go about her life following all the rules just because the crowd does it or because “big and important” people tell you what you’re supposed to do. Regardless of the source of authority imposing standards on her, she considers whether it makes any sense and how it would affect her and those she cares for.

2-She makes and follows her own rules

Going hand in hand with the factor above, an empowered woman needs no  validation from others regarding personal preferences regarding herself or her own family. She knows what is best and will not settle simply due to the “norm”. 

3-She acknowledges and honors her own individuality

She values herself and embraces her womanhood along with all the not-so-graceful things about it because she just knows it’s a part of life and decides to invest in positive thoughts and self-care.

4-She takes responsibility of her life

She has 1,000 reasons to be a miserable and mediocre woman, but I has 1,001 to be a happy, and fulfilled one, and that’s the side she chooses! She owns her power and never stops healing, learning and growing. She breaks the chains of her past or any limitations and challenges that have hindered her and she overcomes.

5-She is not a victim of her circumstances

She takes a stand and defend what she believes. She embodies her own message and will fight for what she values. She speaks the truth and sets boundaries.

6-Her passion is important to her

Her children are not an excuse, but a motivation for her and she is not afraid to carry out her purpose as a person. She acknowledges that she is worthy of it and will act on what she loves!

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7-She is not fearless

She is courageous in spite of her fears. This means she acknowledges that she is terrified at times but has the guts to take steps forward anyway, even when she doesn’t know where that path will lead her! She isn’t a mediocre who will let scared feelings get in the way of what she can accomplish. And every time she accomplishes one thing, she will take higher risks next time

8-She doesn’t pick fights, waste her time with ignorant people or engage with haters

She just doesn’t level down like that. She is one classy Lady! She knows who is worth her time and she picks her battles accordingly. She knows one fool is better off than two!

9-She gives herself grace

While an empowered woman is wise with who and what she invests her time in, she also occasionally gives herself permission to just, lay back, chill and enjoy her own guilty pleasures. She know she can’t pour from and empty cup and is consistent with her own delights to stay happy.

10-She is grateful

She is humble enough to acknowledge that she does not accomplish things on her own, no matter how much power she feels or how far she’s come. She will embrace the fact that there have been circumstances and people that along the way, have helped shape the woman she is today.

11-She is humble

She doesn’t brag, she inspires. Let me put it this way. A woman who is truly empowered does not think too highly of herself. Meaning the one that repeatedly post her greatness on social media; just pretending, but actually hungry for validation. A woman who owns her life, and is happy with it, does not need affirmations from complete strangers for her to measure value as a woman.

12-She knows how to use what she has

She has all of the above and will never use it to tear another woman down. She will uplift everyone who comes across her. She supports and inspires others to reach their full potential. She is like a magnet and people love her for her genuine character!

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Final thoughts

A women who has a genuine sense of empowerment will never feel threatened by another one’s beauty or brilliance! The success of other women is not to be seen as a competition, but as an inspiration. People who think like that, hinder themselves from all the possibilities they can have in life. The only way to be truly empowered is coming together and uplifting one another.

Never forget that it is literally impossible for someone else to compete with your unique gifts! Because if you felt that way, that would be like asking yourself what difference one more person makes in this world (aka, you). And that is ridiculous because you are highly aware that not one single person on this earth looks just like you or has your voice; no one has you eyes or the way you say things. You clearly have a purpose and only you, have the unique skills, gifts and talents to go make it happen!

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