12 Ways to Raise Little Jesus Lovers When They’re “Too Young To Understand”

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How many times have you had one of those motherhood moments when you just freeze upon contemplating your children and you asked yourself questions like “Am I doing this right? How long will I get to be here for them? How helpless will I feel when they pursue a life of their own? What will happen when they are old?

I only became a Mom less than 3 years ago and one of my biggest concerns is the day and age they got to come into this world. I dread the thought of knowing that I will never be able to protect them from everything out there. Living in a Godless world can make it seem I have little to no potential making a difference. But I also realize that my fear of today’s world, should be smaller than the degree of bravery I can have to raise virtuous children that will make it a better place. And knowing who Jesus is and loving him can be a great start!

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You see, we are only going to have so much time with our babies and there are is never an age too early to start introducing our Faith, our Christian values, teach them who God is and raise them to be genuine lovers of Jesus. Keep reading to find out how to raise little Jesus lovers in ways that will make it easy for them to develop that sense of importance toward that superior being we wholeheartedly worship!

How many times have you been so concerned over your children growing up in a Godless world? To find out what you can do while you have them, don't miss these 12 Ways to Raise Little Jesus Lovers!

Read Bible Stories

I have repeatedly come across high quality children’s Bibles. There are a variety of options out there, but the ideal toddler favorites that are the most appealing ones, are the Bibles with less words and lots of bright pictures. In fact the book with most illustrations is perfect for enhancing extended dialogue as you go through the pages.

The Beginner’s Bible is our favorite!!

Children’s Christian Movies

Everyone, their mother and their neighbor know how much children love animations and this is one more way to enhance their learning experience via animated visuals. This may even result in easier memorizing of the Bible stories.

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Dramatic Play

Children learn through dramatic play so they will occasionally have that natural inclination to carry out roles seen on T.V. or in movies. This can be done through their own acting or via pretend play using toys, stuffed animals, blocks, etc.

Blast Christian Music

Dance parties are a must! They are a toddler’s ultimate favorite activity. It is so cute when they hear these songs enough to start singing ‘em on their own in the car!

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Pray and Read Your Bible

Once upon a time, I started seeing my toddler get ahold of anything that was flat and she would sit there and slide her finger across it. Yep, she wanted a touch screen because every day when she woke from her nap, Mommy was on her tablet. Since then, I have vowed to let her only find me holding and reading a Bible. (Even if I do sheet sometimes because Mommy does have work to do while she sleeps) But it did make an impact!

Bless Your Meals and Say Grace

This has always been a biggie for me. It is so sacred to me to be privileged with a meal everyday knowing how many people die hungry and that God spares my family and me from necessities day after day. My daughter is 2 and even she will take the initiative to remind us to say grace.

Engage with a Like Minded Community

Yes, it is obvious we must maintain a consistent discipline of attending Church at least once a week, but it would be ideal if for at least one other day a week were taken to hang out with another Christian family or some friends.

Point Out God Through Nature

Children marvel at it is at the beauty around them, be it flowers, animals, the sky, you name it. It is an excellent time to address that fact that God is our creator.

Bedtime Blessings

Always say a prayer with the babies upon tucking them in so they can rest and sleep with that sense of love and peace from God as their last experience of the day.

Have Framed Images of Jesus

This is another one that highly impacts my daughter’s concept and familiarity with Jesus. I have a mini alter in my home where we pray and it has and image of the Divine Mercy. There is another religious image in her room that has Mary with baby Jesus. Now she’s sees similar images elsewhere and points them out right away.

Be quick to humble yourself and apologize as well as forgive

What concept do we want our children of have of the Lord? He is a God of Mercy and always has open arms. Likewise, we must show that example in our own family especially in our marriage. Or like when we make the mistake of overreacting…”Mommy made a mistake, will you forgive me?” Humility is one high example of character!

Remember to Respect Your Child’s Own Individuality

Your child is a person. She is little but she is a person. He has curiosities, she has concerns, he has questions, she doesn’t quite grasp certain concepts, he may forget certain things right now. Don’t pressure, force or ever shame your child. Doing so can have drastic repercussions in the future! And you don’t want to be left wondering ‘where you went wrong’.

Final Thoughts

You are your child’s first and ultimate spiritual leader. Do not leave it up to your pastor, or the youth minister, or the Sunday school teacher. Church begins in your home and it is your responsibility to instill values and be there for your family. That means not investing more time and energy at the church with strangers than you do in your own home. So get on the floor with your kids; play and get dirty with them. Remember that Jesus carried out his message through the treatment he gave his disciples and not so much on what he said. It was his actions that attracted and impacted so many!

What have you done to show your toddler the Jesus life?

Are you ready to implement any of the techniques mentioned today? Do you have one I could have mentioned?

Let me know in the comments!

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12 Ways to Raise Little Jesus Lovers

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