15 Ways to Save Money on Clothes

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Have you ever been amongst a group of Moms discussing how they save money on clothes that may have sounded something like this?👇

“He’s only ever worn hand me downs from so and so”

“I only thrift since they grow so fast, and when I do buy new I go to Walmart”

“Why invest so much on something they’ll quickly wear off or grow out of anyway?”

If Walmart, thrifting or hand me downs were the only way to save money on clothes, I’d be ok with that. But the fact I have found over 10 more different ways to save money on clothes, just blows my mind!

These 15 different ways to save money on clothes thrill me to no end as a Mom, because having been a Mom for the past 5 years, let me tell you that I think my wardrobe has changed more times and in more ways than it has for my 3 kids all together!

Between the pre-pregnancy stage, maternity, postpartum, nursing, and the weight gaining/loosing, I can not count on one hand how many times I have had to redo my entire wardrobe (especially upon losing 30lbs in the span of 6 months after having baby #3)! Luckily, I didn’t have to invest an arm or a leg in the process.

Following, are 15 ways to save money on clothing. A lot of these I implemented for myself as well as for my fast growing toddlers and it has been a life saver in our frugal little family!


1-Swap with friends

2-Be on the lookout for sales and clearance

3-Shop for today and not for when you “loose the weight

4-Purchase off-season items

5-Save your gift cards

6-Visit consignment shops

7-Embrace the fun of driving around on the hunt for yard sales

8-Go to thrift stores (Ok you knew that one, sorry.)😉

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9-Utilize online coupons

10-Only buy machine washable so that you’re not stuck maintaining it

11-Fix or Repurpose old clothing (YouTube has countless creative tutorials!)

12-Shop discount stores. (Ross is my go-to)

13-Subscribe online for email newsletters that will notify you of sales

14-ASK for a discount! Pick an item with a fixable defect and just them to take a few dollars off of it.

15-Ask friends if they are trying to get rid of clothing. (Usually they are, and almost always, they are more than willing for you to take it!)

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Final Thoughts

Two of my kids are 3 and 4 years old now and I have never had to actually purchase clothes for them other than maybe twice since they were born.

All of this thanks to swapping with fellow Moms and hand-me-downs from a family member who boy and girl are just a little older and bigger than my own boy and girl!

And I feel highly blessed to have had it this way for so long☺

I hope you find these tips achievable to your needs and circumstances.

Let me know in the comments your go-to method so far and what you look forward to trying!

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